Checklist of documents for UPSC CE Personality Test/Interview

UPSC interview is one of the toughest interviews of all time. But when you cleared the prelims and mains as well, do not worry! You will score in the interview too.

The famous Dholpur House is known to be the Union Public Service Commission’s office. The IAS examination aspirants who clear the prelims and main examination are called here to face the interview board of Union Public Service Commission.

The UPSC interview consists of 275 marks and here the board members mainly aim at testing your personality. They ask different questions from different topics to test your mental alertness, clarity of mind, the capability of Logical thinking, ability to lead, the balance of judgement, intellects, moral senses etc.

So, you have to be super conscious while answering and behaving as well. Always keep in mind that, this dream job is just an interview away! The more you will think seriously about it, the more you will be closer to your dream.

Before gearing up for the interview here is a checklist for the IAS interview to remind you of the must-have documents. This checklist for the IAS interview will be undoubtedly helpful for you as all the necessary documents are enlisted here which you’ll require. If you arrange the documents in a file according to the checklist for the IAS interview way before it happens, you will be able to avoid any type of hustle and panic at the last minute.

So, this list enclosed in a box is crucial as it mentions all the documents you should carry while attending the interview. Keep them in a file so that you can readily deliver them whenever asked:

Documents required for IAS exam:


Why needed?

Original+ Photocopy of the certificate of passing matriculation or equivalent with a self-attestation

For the verification of the candidates’ name and date of birth

Original + photocopy of degree certificate with self-attestation

To verify the educational qualification of the candidates

Two recent passport size photos with self-attestation

For the verification of the identity

Print out of the e-summon letter

As proof that you were called for the interview

Post graduation certificate original+ photocopy (if any)

Proof of degree

NOC from the department (if you’re a government employee)

Verification purpose


The above-mentioned checklist for IAS interview consists of the documents for all the candidates. But the SC/ST/OBC candidates need some additional certificates as follow:

Additional certificates to be produced by the SC/ST/OBC candidates:

  • Original caste certificate, non-creamy layer income certificate for OBCs
  • Self-attested photocopy of the original caste certificate
  • The original certificate that supports the age relaxation of the candidate
  • If you have a higher studies degree, do carry the supporting documents as proof. Keep both of the original and photocopies
  • In case you are outstation candidate, carry two Travel Allowance forms and the proof of journey
  • In case of minor name discrepancies, carry an affidavit

In case you are a candidate belonging to the physically challenged group, you have to carry the documents as mentioned below along with the previous ones:

Additional certificates to be produced by the PH category candidates:

  • Original certificate of physical disabilities
  • Photocopy of the original physical disabilities certificate; self-attested
  • In case you are PH-1 (LDCP), do carry the original DWE certificate and the self-attested photocopy as well.
  • Age relaxation certificate; both the original and self-attested photocopies
  • In case you are outstation candidate, carry two TA forms and the proof of journey
  • In case of minor name discrepancies, carry an affidavit

Medical examination:

The medical examination is a very crucial part of this whole interview. In this examination, the health condition of the candidate is thoroughly examined to ascertain whether he or she suffers from any life-threatening disease or lower eyesight. Since medical examination has a huge impact on the ultimate selection of the candidate, they should thoroughly look after their health condition sincerely. IAS is a service that serves the nation, so healthy and mentally equipped candidates are welcomed for this job.

Now, the must-have documents in the time of medical examination are mentioned below:

The documents required in the medical examination:

  • Eight to ten recent passport size photographs of the candidate
  • If you have any previous prescriptions or medical examination test reports, do carry them.
  • If you have eye problems, do carry your prescription

The medical examination tends to happen the day after the interview day. This mostly occurs on the working days. So, in case you are interviewed on Friday, your medical examinations will occur on Monday.

After the medical examination is done, this is the time to proceed for sending the documents to the department of personnel and training.

The documents that are to be handed over to the department of personnel and training includes:

Documents required for sending to the department of personnel and training:

  • A duly filled copy of the form with self-attestation and six copies of the same with self-attestation.
  • Recent time passport size photograph of the candidate with self-attestation

So, this is the checklist for the IAS interview and before you head to the interview do not forget to carry these things with you. This checklist for IAS interview might be helpful for you because while you will be dealing with the huge pressure of facing the board of Union Public Service Commission, you will not have to worry about things if you just arrange things according to the checklist for IAS interview.

And one gentle reminder, do not forget to get self-attested the photocopies of each certificate. Because self-attestation is important and it claims the photocopies to be photographed from the original ones. So, in case you forget to get the self-attestation done right, your provided documents can be canceled. So, do not forget this.

And one quick suggestion for cracking the interview is, do not panic. Arrange the documents according to the checklist for the IAS interview; you will not miss out a single thing. And keep in mind that, you already have overcome lots of hurdles, you can do this too. All the best!