Location based information is the most important aspect of a digital economy. It helps not only to plan the development programmes but also to monitor them to manage transparent, effective and efficient delivery of citizenry services.

GIS - GIS stands for geographic information system is a computer system storing, checking, capturing, and displaying, data related to position on Earth's surface.




 Govt aimed GIS based planning for monitoring implementation of government schemes, improved planning, and tracking of progress on crucial socio-economic indicators in the states for regional growth.

         The govt premier think-tank NITI AYOG has urged state government to roll out geographical information system (GIS) based planning tools from the next financial year for effective tracking of ongoing govt programmes and service delivery.

To this effect, NITI AAYOG,in association with the national centre of geo information and the Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-Informatics , Gujarat will be helping states develop customized GIS based planning tools.


Covid-19: challenges to GIS with big Data-


  • The outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease has caused more than 100,000 people infected and many thousands of deaths.
  • Covid-19 surely effects production, life, human health and social functioning and also internal relations.
  • GIS and big data technology played an very important role in every aspects ,including the rapid aggregation of multi source big data, rapid visualization of epidemic information, spatial segmentation of the epidemic risk and presentation level ,and social emotional guidance and panic elimination ,which provided solid spatial information support for decision making ,measures formulation, and effectiveness assessment of covid-19 prevention and control .
  • Today, and for a long time in the future, GIS should be developed to form a fast acquisition data-driven system, meaning that GIS should be used to strengthen and parameterise the models of social operations, particularly in the support of social management.