Is it possible to prepare for the Mains Examination in a short period of time and still be successful?

After clearing the preliminary examination, your knowledge level is adequate and appropriate to get one of the highest scores in the main examination. In the exhaustive and Comprehensive preparation of prelims you must have read enough resources  to clear the biggest race of the country. The real task  infront of you should be how to really use the information because the manner in which you use the information in prelims is totally different Mains. Clearing both examinations require different set of strategies and mind orientations. One needs to learn to use the information effectively and practice extensively the The underlying understanding is that “Practice is the real key”.

There are different ways by which you can process the information in your preparation for the mains examination. By asking open ended questions in the mains examination, the candidate is being tested for various things simultaneously. When a question is  put forward to you, firstly, you are being tested for your time management, if you are able to finish the answer within a stipulated time limit given to you;  Secondly, are you able to consolidate all your thoughts and expressions within the word limit that has been posed to you; Thirdly, are you able to meet the demands of the questions presented to you; Fourthly, are you able to give your answer some special effects or an extra edge for which you should be given extra marks than your peers.

It is only through enough practice that you will be able to fulfill all these demands confered to you by the questions. You should start by first looking at the questions and mentally answering them,by doing this you will enhance your analytical skills and will be able to frame answers in the shortest span of time as in the exams you get barely few seconds to conceive and collate your answers. Secondly, you should keep few hundred questions for answering mentally and few for only point listing. Thirdly ,there should be an enhanced focus on writing answers. Its not an easy task to complete an answer by condensing all the points ,given the pressure of various factors in the examination. Fourthly, there should be an added emphasis on time limit as it is within these few minutes that you have to make the desired form of answers which is going to fetch you that extra marks.

An important rule is that you should always edit your answers after completing them to see if the answers properly resemble the questions. As candidates usually in the flow of writing answers often divert and deviate to the information one has and move away from the demands of the question. You should always get your answers evaluated by experts as wrong advice may give you a feat not very effective for the prepration. Recomendations from experts will help you introspect your strength and weakness and help in self-assessment.  You should also not be too ambitious in collecting too many facts as many times the questions framed by the commission may not allow you the present the facts in the way you might have prepared. You might also face problems in recollection of facts under too much pressure and also sometimes you might not be able to accommodate the factual data given the limited and stipulated amount of time that has been provided to you.

You to use your skills in proper assembling and presenting of the information. If you really know how to use your time in the right direction and in proper manner with dedication,determination and intention, you will surely be successful in the examination .