Espouse The Uncertainty

Hi, today I would like to talk to you about UNCERTAINTY. This word ‘uncertainty’ is affecting all of us. Of course, you, the youth of the country is more affected by it. I agree. But, a lot of time most of you would talk about it all the time as something which is affecting you BIG TIME. Uncertainty in every sphere of life that we have got in our relationship, in our career, in our whole range that we exist in, there is so much uncertainty. There is no tool which can measure your uncertainty of success, of your whatever outcomes that you have got because there is no direct cause and effect relationship of the events that you are dealing with. So, what to do with this uncertainty? Uncertainty is definitely there and it has a lot of outcomes. But it can give you anxiety, pain, sadness, trouble, depression, or uncertainty also has got on the other end it can give you focus, positivity, energy, and zest to face the uncertain. So it is not the uncertainty which is important, it is you who is the center person. You may have noted like the same event triggered different responses to different people. A lot of time we feel earthquake and in the same room, you would not find everybody responding in the same manner. So it is not the earthquake or the tremor, it is the response which is important. And there I would like to tell you that this uncertainty, while we cannot measure it, no amount of mathematical tool that you can employ that can measure it with certainty. I mean you can think of all kinds of tests that we have in statistics. All probability calculations of nominal binomial Poisson or whatever. All kind of Moleskine to whatever student test to F test to what test whatever you have. There is no way that you can find out the exact correlation and regression of a particular event and then the outcome. Uncertainty is BOUND to be there.  So what I basically would like to tell you is ESPOUSE UNCERTAINTY. If you are espousing the uncertainty, you are facing it head-on. Trust me it is the uncertainty where you have got the best of your creativity comes on the surface. If you embrace it without anxiety, well that’s where you are actually the best. Uncertainty is always there. I mean do you really know that in the exams that you take, your chance of passing is 0.000 whatever one percent. But you pass all the time. It’s only when you are prepared to take all possible outcomes that can possibly happen. You are there, then you deal with it. So, dealing with uncertainty is more important and vital than being worried about it. In fact, I always like to tell if you look into the scale, Uncertainty CHANGES. Like for next five minutes, maybe uncertainty is less compared to next five weeks, five months, or five years. So, if you have got anxiety coming because of uncertainty, try reducing the whole thing into a smaller scale a shorter scale your anxiety would go away. And you will be more in control of the situation and in a better position to deal with uncertainty. Uncertainty is there with EVERYBODY. Don’t worry about it. Deal with it, embrace it, espouse it. The outcome is going to be BEAUTIFUL. Don’t be stressed because of uncertainty. It is there with everybody. And I am sure you are at your best when you have accepted it. My best wishes.