Celebrate Your Roots

Hi, today I m going to talk about an observation which I have met discussing with some students. Quite a few of them are not very happy talking about their roots their ancestry their beginning their origin and they are ashamed talking about it. Let me tell you one thing, whatever you are, is not determined from where you are coming. Where you going is important and then you must celebrate you must protect your ROOTS. You must have respect for the root. When I say root, I basically mean your family your friends your region your state your relatives. These are the people who actually these are the places actually which makes who you are. Sometimes, I find students are not very comfortable about the accents that they have got because of the ancestory of the region that they come from. Please you must RESPECT your ROOTS. A rootless person doesn’t go anywhere. It’s the rot from where we all derive all our lives. Root is what is feeding us. Deeper roots make you stand tall. And then how you have the deeper roots? By protecting it, nursing it all the time. Celebrating it all the time. I have some students as I come across in my life, they are often very shy of their roots. Please celebrate your roots. See, in life we go through different kinds of ups and downs, spring autumn winter, but it’s the root which feeds you during the winters of your life. You MUST always celebrate your roots. You must always respect your root and be proud of your ANCESTORY that you are from because that’s something which is what when you celebrate your ancestory and your roots I am sure the world is going to celebrate you. We are a very diverse country and then you suddenly cannot detach yourself from your root and then say that I am flying. No. only when you remember where you are coming I promise nobody can stop you where you are going to. Remember from where you are coming and use this ancestory of yours root of yours as your STRENGTH. I promise deeper roots will have taller trees. My best wishes are with you.