Better Things Take Time

Hi, today I am going to speak about those people who come to me quite often saying that they are not in a position to get success while their friends have got it. They look very embarrassed. In fact, they feel that there’s something wrong in them and they are ashamed of themselves. Why it is taking long for me while I have been getting success earlier? But then this is someplace where I am not getting my success early. Why? Why it is this? Well, I know your generation loves speed. And you always are interested in getting things done quicker and quicker. But, then let’s not forget one thing, it’s not data which you can download quicker. Success is not something like that. It cannot be downloaded. It takes time. In fact, all good things take time. And if at all you have to be embarrassed, you should not be embarrassed for you taking longer to deliver the success. You should be embarrassed of not supporting yourself. You must support yourself. I keep telling each one of you that one person you have to support all your life is you YOURSELF. And, in fact, this speed thing or the thing that you get but I have felt that anything which is… that is going to last longer doesn’t come easy. Anything which comes easy also doesn’t last long. So, it is important that we bear this fact in mind that even if you have your exam that you see that it lasts for a few hours, the races last for a few seconds, but you know how much preparation that goes behind that? Who knows better than you? There are so many people who you think or thought that they got success early but you haven’t seen their pain. When they started, you have no idea. How much they worked in the right direction, you have no idea. So, if you complete those hours, if you complete those duration, you complete the time. I am sure you also would be tasting the success. I think we have the age-old proverb, ‘Rome was not built in a single day.’ But, every single day they were laying the bricks as they say. So, you have to be working, you have to be taking the pain and then this pain and time is the basic prerequisite. This is the agreement that you enter into that I would like to give these things and leave my comfort and adopt the pain and then go through the process before I get the success. So, it is important that you should be prepared if it’s taking long. Don’t be embarrassed about it. Keep supporting yourself without asking any questions and I am sure you will taste the success soon. In fact, patience is very important and the only thing that which can come easy for you is the inheritance that you have inherited something that came just because of your birth. But then anything that you create and you are proud of that  I promise, is going to be time taking. Be prepared for that and negativities of embarrassment and then failure and then initial hiccups they should not really obstruct your path. In fact, I must tell you if you are very focused on your goal if you are staring directly into your goal the shadow of negativity can never come in front. This is very important. Bear this in mind- no room for negativity, no room for assuming that it is not happening for me in my case. In fact, Patience is very VITAL. Better things take time. My best wishes are with you.