Reverse Revision

Hi, today I am going to talk to you about a very old technique that you have been using for a long time for all your examination right from your board examination to the college examination all examinations, you have used this tool. Let’s take an interesting twist in the entire process. Revision is, I am going to talk about. Revision, quite often, we see it as Re-vision. Quite often we see the thing which we have already read and visited that, we try visiting again. So, ultimately what we do is REVISITATION. Revisitation when I say, I basically mean you go to the same thing all over again and see the whole thing as you would have seen it in the first time the second time, the third time, and every time you call it as a revision. An act of revision, is revise, make it better, shall we say make it more useful. But by revisitation, I am not sure if you are actually making it more useful. You quite often, you are seeing it again, revisiting it but then you are not making it more useful. You are not improvising it. Let’s say, revise also means to make it better, more useful. Quite often not. I am not sure if English language allows me this liberty or not. If I can use a word called REVERSE REVISION. Reverse revision, to me, is a tool that I like you to use is that whatever you have read try making it more useful. More useful when I say, I basically mean it is useful for the examination purpose and that is where I would like you to pull out of your mind instead of pulling it out of the texts or the notes, or the books from where you have initially once seen. It’s not Re-Vision or Revisitation. It’s like pulling out of your mind that has already been stored or parked somewhere and that is I am telling you is going to be very effective. I will give you three tools to do that. Don’t read one more time in the name of revision alone. What I would like you to do is that three tools if I can count for you. One is MENTAL- just think about what you have read. Keep the thing slightly far off from you where you can’t really see it. And from there if you try and see that if your mind produces the fact that you wanted to revise. If it is not producing well probably it has never been stored in a USEFUL content in a useful format. The second approach of this would be VOCAL. Most likely tough because the speed of speaking is faster than the speed of thinking sometimes. So, quite often, you end up not getting supply from your brain and you are not able to speak. But, vocal is another way where you can teach somebody something you have read. If nobody, teach yourself explain yourself and then speak up about it and that’s another way of going about it- VOCAL. And the third is TEXTUAL. Textual is like when you write down the main highlights of the thing that you are basically trying to revise. These three tools that I am basically talking about- Mental, Vocal, and Textual, these are the route of the Re-Visitation seen as REVERSE REVISION. And that’s something which I would expect help you make it in a more useful situation. You would be more in control of the thing that you have got in your hand and that would be more effectively used in the examination. My best wishes.