Power Writing

Hi, hope all of you have been writing enough as I was talking in my previous blog about JOURNAL WRITING. I would like to talk about another aspect of writing skill today that is POWER WRITING. Power writing, if I loosely define it for you is a form of writing where every single line that you write, every single sentence that you write has got some attraction to get some marks for you. So, for that it is very important for us that we decrypt this idea of power writing. Broadly for your convenience, I would like to break it in two parts only. One is, FOCUS. You should remember one thing, you do not write and I get the same thing that you write. I get something which I read from therewith my own mindset. You write something which you express from your own mindset. And we have a HUGE gap between us. My background, my age, my conditions in which I am reading. All are very different. So there has to be very disciplined writing and there comes one component of POWER WRITING is FOCUS WRITING. You have to be very SHARP as far as your focus is concerned. So, the question comes- where there is a focus, sometimes the question has got multiple focus- two focus or three focus. At some later stage, I will talk about how to understand the question. So, if you have got a focus in the question, you should be very clear to understand that yes, this is what I have to write and then that becomes your answer which is a part of Power Writing. So, you have to understand that aspect of focus writing. But then, wherever focus that you have got, the same focus can be approached from multiple angles. These are various COMMANDS that we give. You approach from this angle, you approach from this angle, approach from this angle, the SAME focus gets treated differently if I ask you to evaluate, if I ask you to narrate, if I ask you to describe, if I ask you to… this aspects I will talk about in some other stage. But, now what I am trying to make you understand is that you should do a power writing where the flavor of these two components- focus writing and purpose writing they both come together and then in that case the reader who has asked you a question would get an idea that it is being answered. So, for answer writing, it is very important that we keep these two factors in mind: focus writing as well as purpose writing. So, whatever focus that I have got I have understood and from whichever angle it has been asked, it has been asked to be described, I am describing. There is no wonder that you should not get good marks. Then in that case me and you are on the same page and that is one thing I like you to start practising from today. At some other other stage, I will explain to you what are those ways to identify the focus, how to identify the focus in the question, and also what are the different types of commands that we have for the same focus. Till then do a lot of practise. All the best!