Accept The Technology

There are a large number of changes which have occurred in a short span of time, especially the last decade and a half I would say. Technology has changed very fast especially the technology which touches us on a daily basis. Social media, in particular, I would like to mention. It has been misused by a large number of people which has given a version to so many people. They would say like, no this is not good, I am not using Whatsapp, I am not on social media, I am not there on Facebook, I am not using Twitter. These are all negatives. Let’s not fear TECHNOLOGY. It is actually a BOON, not the bane. It is something which gives you a tool to stay ahead. A lot of successful candidates I have seen that they have really extensively used their tools of the Internet, mobile, and the sources that we have got these days available. I would like to tell you if you are strong enough to control your desire to not get gravitated in the wrong direction. Please use technology. It has got so much of advantages and a lot of students are making good use of it. So, it’s not the technology, it is our use that is important. Let somebody use it for wrong purposes, I am not going to be affected, I am not going to be one of those crowds. I am one person which is using the technology for the right purposes. I like you to make GOOD use of them, but then you should not go EXTREME into them. Extreme of everything is bad. So, that is something which has to be kept in mind. I am sure it is a beautiful tool and you make a good use of it. All the best.