How To Stay Away From Negative People

Hi, you often have people in your life, in fact, all of us have people in our lives who would always come to tell us ‘no you cannot do it.’ I am sure you must have such people also in your life. For whatever target you have decided, they are extremely sure that you cannot do it. These are negative people and then they will always be around the moment you step out of the pack. When you are not one of those common people who are trying to struggle and stay in the same group in the comfort zone. When you come out of the comfort zone and move towards an accomplishment there will be some people who would say that no way you cannot do it. These are the same people, they would criticize you before they start celebrating your success. They are the same people who will get the benefit of your success. But, I think it is important for us to know as to how to go about dealing with them. There’s a very age-old saying that goes ‘weak people take revenge from these negative people. Those who are strong, they forgive and those who are intelligent, ignore.’ Today, I am going to tell you a very simple three tools shall we say through which we can ignore these people. In fact, these are negative people who would make a lot of noise. If you concentrate on the noise, you would not be able to focus on your goal. So, it is important that you must ignore them. The first tool that I would like to tell you is that those people who criticize you, they have a pattern. They will come at a right, at a specific time through a specific direction, through a specific community, a specific group of people- change the pattern. If you change your pattern, you are out of your orbit and you can possibly avoid them. And that is what is in a way you are ignoring them. The second tool is a little more technical but I think it really works- is, use GREY ROCK METHOD. The grey rock method is when I am expecting you to be emotionally getting detached with them. You can read more about this grey rock method. This is a very effective tool and psychologists have found it’s working very very well. And all those people who are achievers in their lives they have used it, knowingly or unknowingly about this method. The third, I would like to tell you is that you should develop sympathy for those people. Those who are nothing are critics. If somebody is criticizing you, the least they deserve from us is sympathy. When you start dealing with them with sympathy, I am sure you would have a more EFFECTIVE attitude towards those people because those who are criticizing they themselves could not do it and that is why they are saying that you cannot do it. So these three simple tools, if I can remind you once again, changing the pattern, grey rock method and also looking at them with sympathy. I am sure help you better sticking to your task and achieving and waiting for the same negative people to come back to you celebrating your success. My best wishes are with you.