Don't Get Distracted From The Goal

I often meet students who come to me telling me that I get a lot of distractions and then I am not in a position to concentrate on my goal and then deviations are killing me. Well, I think I would like to advise that you should increase the GRAVITY of your goal. I mean the PULL of the goal is strong. I suppose these minor distractions would not work and they would not be bothering you. If the gravity is more, I mean then the acceleration towards that goal will be greater. I know it’s a simple law of physics. But, then the point is that I mean you have the factor of R also that applies on that, the radius, the distance you have from your goal. And quite often most of you when you at the initial stage of your preparation when you are too far away from your goal, you would find that the pull is not there, the gravity is not so strong. So, what I would like to advise is a very simple solution - I would advise, you pick up some small, small goals in a sense like if you have got the distance from your goal is reduced. Let’s say you sit down for half an hour, one hour, or two hours whatever you have set a goal, and within that two hours, you try to accomplish that. So if you have got your goals accomplished, is as immediate as to the next two hours, you would definitely will have a greater pull and the distractions will be lesser. But if you have made a plan let’s say for one month, what happens is that after one month you realize I have not done and a HUGE sense of negative reinforcement of unaccomplished tasks is actually bothering you. If you have several small, small one hour, one hour, two-hour, two-hour goals like that they are very immediate, and even if you don’t accomplish, you have got fresh five such targets for the same day.  You will achieve the remaining four, if you have not achieved one. So, that way I would like you to actually try accomplishing your goal by using the idea of gravity. In fact, this is one factor that constantly operates, and then which is where you have the pull of your target really helping you. I am sure this video would get you an idea to do not look for a long distant target but instead, look at the target that’s right in front of you in the next two hours and I promise you will deliver. My best wishes are with you.