Hi, in this video I will be talking about a very interesting thing that you will be actually needing for your preparation and that is something which we call it as INVISIBILISATION. That’s an interesting word actually. You do not record the existence of others and others also find you a see-through. In fact, that’s one technique which will save a lot of your valuable time that you quite often spend in socialization. Say, for example, if you are seeing through people, the people don’t exist, seeing through a problem, the problems don’t exist, seeing through lots of issues, they don’t exist. That means you are able to FOCUS on the real thing that you are working upon. That is a tool of invisibilisation which our yogis used to do while they would think about something, ponder over some philosophical aspects, they will go to woods or maybe the Himalayas maybe caves, you can’t go to caves. You have to concentrate and you have to have your focus. So for that focus, it is very important that you become a SEE-THROUGH. Do not notice the issues around you, do not give significance to the people around you, and just concentrate on your goal and that is when you have got a sharper focus. Trust me in this process you will save a lot of your energy which is actually being attracted by lots of people and then lots of issues. You should have your full concentration on the ENTIRE GOAL that you have, actually looking out for. And that is what I mean by INVISIBILISATION. It’s a very interesting tool. You have to practice it. In the beginning, people will give a lot of comments to you like you have become arrogant or you have become whatever, they start dropping you. And they are dropping, you become lighter. I promise all those people who are complaining and then they are dropping you, they will all COME BACK one day. But, till then while you are focused on your goal, do not consider the existence of issues and consider the people who are not basically working towards helping you in getting the target that you are actually set out for. All the best try this tool.