Syllabus Based Newspaper Reading

In this video, I would be talking about NEWSPAPER READING. Remember this newspaper is not published for you so is anything and everything which is published it doesn’t mean that you have to be reading all of them. This is read for everybody. So what is written for everybody so it’s read by everybody so you have to basically find out your own material. How do you find your own material and that’s something which I would like to explain. First thing we should be trying to see that the item that I am picking up is it going to have a long term perspective in terms of time? Does it connect to a large number of people? And most importantly does it connect to any part of the syllabus or not? That means it is very important that you should be having the pigeonhole of syllabus, very clear in your mind, where you can keep on throwing all those current affairs. That’s one! Jotting.. A lot of students spend a lot of time. That's not the end. Jot down only those information which pass through two tests: One, will it last when I am going to give this examination till then and can I memorize it because you are not going to carry these pages, huge thick notes that you are taking it to the examination hall. So can I memorise it and will it last? This information would remain valid till that time? If these two things will be basically clear in your mind, you basically go ahead and read those information. Lot of time we spend reading some basic things, I would like you to read an article as if, like you are searching for an information which pass those tests which I was just talking about. And also, on the lighter side I would like to say please don’t read anything which is - you like reading- sensational or something of that nature. Something which is having a very shock value or those kinds of things that should be avoided. In fact, UPSC syllabus based reading of newspaper makes it so handy and then with some practise you would be able to finish your newspaper under one hour. In the beginning, it may take very very long but gradually when you look at the test that I have just mentioned to you, you will be able to finish it in a real small point of time. And then till then you have to really practise. All the best.