BELIEVE And Keep Moving

I sometimes come across some students who talk to me in a very- very exhausted sense of the term and they say like I have given quite a few attempts it’s not happening to me so probably I am not meant for it and I can’t do it. I think there’s just one small difference between your getting into it or not getting into it is one attempt. A few marks here and there and this can happen to you. Trust the path you have taken, don’t get deviated, don’t start questioning your abilities, give your attempt even if you are not able to crack in the initial attempts. I have seen many examples, many students who have really surprised me and themselves with very high performance in subsequent attempts because quite often I see these students have different years, different - different areas they have performed well, but they all don’t happen in the same year and they kind of start doubting their own abilities and then their own mythology and their own path. Stick on to it. I have seen some very big results happening in later part of attempt. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t give up so easily. Maybe there’s somebody who is testing your abilities and your willingness to give your best phase of life to this goal. And I am sure if you are there motivated enough even if you have not tasted the success in initial attempts, it’s not that you cannot taste the success. You should TRUST yourself, trust your abilities, trust your methodology, find the fault and then have them addressed. I think you won’t be too far away from your success. Maybe very soon you will get your success, but don’t doubt your abilities.