Adjust Your Shots Not The Goal Post

A lot of time students come to me saying that, ‘I am not able to follow my path and follow my routine, follow my task. I am not able to do that.” And then we shift, I mean this book is not working out then I go for this book. This book is not working, I will go for this book. See if one book is not working out, then probably you are going for the second book with a one book failure at your whatever credit, then this would also not work out and since we have already rejected two books, the third book also will not work out. So this, what happens is that you tend to keep shifting your goals. See, I mean I think it is a very simple thing which I would like to share, you should not adjust your GOAL POST, you should adjust your SHOTS. What you have in your control is YOU, not the topic, not the theme not the book. Let them be whatever. But you think that I am going to understand this particular piece from this particular book itself. And see, it gets done. Adjust your shots, if it is not happening this way, try writing it down, try graphically going about it and then you would find, you would be able to really ACCOMPLISH it at a level that you would have actually wanted. So, my message to you would be instead of trying to adjust the goal posts, adjust your shots. In fact, it applies also with respect to your life goals as well. I mean I don’t want to say that if you are not cracking some examination, you leave this examination and try something else. No. There is one word that I think I would better express in Hindi is called ZID. This is what has delivered most of the good things that the world is enjoying today. You have to have that Zid inside you and then that zid would fuel and then I am promising you one day you would be proud of your own self and the nation will celebrate you. All the best.