Often people come to me asking about a very common question - self plan my day and then just do something through which my effective planning is done. I think I would like to tell you at this stage is, it’s not about PLANNING it’s all about EXECUTION. So, the best of plan fall flat in front of execution. If an execution is good even without planning you can do really well. In fact, I must tell you execution is so VITAL that you try and see that when you are executing a certain thing you are actually catering to the real requirement and the real requirement is memorizing something in a state that is retrievable and that is a very BRIEF session, so you sit down just with a promise that I will get up from this place after getting one thing for the examination and that I will write down and revise as many times as possible so that I can never FORGET. I am sure you don’t need any planning. Every time every session every time you sit down, sit down with the promise of getting something in a irretrievable state, and then the job s DONE. And that is what I would like to advise you. Do not plan too much. But then I find people who planned very very brutally but when it comes to execution, they become very liberal. Please reverse it. Plan very liberally but when you execute when you make a session of study, ensure that it is real concrete one. So, it’s not about planning. This examination is all about execution. My best wishes are with you.