WHY Should Comes Before HOW

Hi, often I come across students asking me how to prepare for the civil service examination? I think I would like to tell you that before you start searching for the procedural aspect of preparing for this examination, you should be clear of a question which comes even before that. Why should you become a civil servant? If you are very clear about this, I suppose you can take multiple routes to get there. I mean this HOW is this way also this way also this way also. But then, this WHY is the pull- that’s the attraction which brings you to the task. In fact, I would like to tell you, sit down, spend some hours maybe, and then try and consolidate your reason for becoming a civil servant which could be sometime very basic which could be maybe your parents wanted, maybe you want to serve the nation as big as that, maybe because you want to give yourself a good career, maybe you are attracted by sheer strength this job gives you, whatever it is, even if it is very small for somebody else and it is powerful enough for you, you would deliver. So, I think before you look for how to prepare for this examination consolidate and be very clear as to why I want this goal. And the day you are very clear about it, I am sure you would travel any direction and you would reach your destination. My best wishes are with you.