Time, Task & Priority Management

Hi, in this video, I would be talking to you about TIME MANAGEMENT because a lot of times students come back to me and ask about how to manage my time, and then I am not able to do it and then all kinds of problem with the time. In fact, to me, it’s a very simple thing. Time management, I find it like not something I would assume to be a correct way of looking at it. For the reason, time manages itself. I mean even if you don’t change the cell of a watch, it still manages itself, it still moves, so you can’t manage the time. So, let’s not worry about time management. So, let’s not do time management, let’s do task management, and then like then again they would say like, ‘hey my task is not fitting into the time that I have got. I have got too many tasks, I have to do this, I have to do college, I have to do office, I have to do my social, I have to do my health, I have to do my traveling, I have to do my this and then how do I fit like I mean not able to do task management. So, I think I like you to dump this word also - task management. What I basically want you to rephrase here is a very simple thing PRIORITY MANAGEMENT. You should be clear as to what you want in your life and then keep that in higher priority. The moment you keep that on higher priority, I promise you will have never ever any problem of time management because that’s something very high. Let’s say for example breathing this may not be a correct example. Breathing is the priority number one. Whatever, I am always breathing. So, that’s what I would like to say. If you have got the problem in time management, just look at your priority. Is your priority correct or not? And if the moment the priority goes up for a particular thing you will see that you will never ever have the problem of time management. That’s a very simple solution and can be executed on a daily basis and I promise you can do it and all of you will stop complaining about time management. God Bless.