Be Your Own Cheerleader

In this video, I would like to explain to you that as I quite often come across people telling me that there are a lot of people that keep telling us it is not possible and doable task, it is very difficult and I can’t really deliver. Of course, these are the people who themselves may have had difficulty in achieving their own targets. So don’t expect they will be giving you something else. In fact, here I would like to say you should not look for positive reinforcement from somebody who itself is not positively motivated. In fact, I would like you to say positive reinforcements, expectations has to be from your own self. And that will come from your own ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Try getting those positive reinforcements on a regular basis. It should be your staple diet and that will only come with your accomplishments of your own tasks. Keep manageable, practicable TARGETS that you achieve and then give those positive reinforcement to yourself as a reward. In fact, I must tell you, you have to be your own CHEERLEADER for a long-long time before you find somebody is cheering for you before the nation starts celebrating, you have to celebrate yourself several times. I am sure you must have celebrated your friend’s success, your friend’s wedding, your friend’s birthday and danced in them, but have you ever danced for yourself? Try doing it one day for yourself. You would love it and I promise if you are your own cheerleader, there’s nobody who is going to stop you because you would have kept yourself so motivated and then that will push you to the real goal that you have set out for yourself. Keep yourself positively reinforced and that’s one message I would like to give it to you.