Quite often I am asked by students, especially those students who have given examinations and have not tasted success in their initial attempts. They keep telling me that what will happen to me if in case I don’t clear this examination. Well, first of all, I would say that we cannot plan to failure. Failure has happened. I mean that’s a part of reality and that’s something which we have to live with all our lives. Don’t plan for it for sure. But, for civil service examination, I would tell you the kind of nature of examination as it has evolved. In the last few years, that is post-2013 I would say,  it has mostly been general studies based. So, while you are preparing for this examination, you are simultaneously preparing for so many other examinations. And then if that way, if you god forbid you are not in a position to make this examination, clear this examination, you still have got enough information to build a career of your own in some other competitive examination because it is primarily as you know general studies driven and then they will definitely be handy. In fact, lots of state services, they are increasingly becoming general-studies driven. So, you can use them there. But, I don’t think you should basically AIM at them and then prepare for civil services. When you are preparing civil services and there are things beyond your control and if you are not making it, don’t think that your information that you may have collected will go waste. In fact, this is the most exciting phase of your life when you are learning so many things in such a short span of time. And the learning as they always say, ‘it’s one wealth that nobody would ever can imagine to steal from you.’ They will always be around with you. And definitely, there are so many competitive examinations you can use this information for.  This is the BIGGEST examination. If you are preparing for the biggest, definitely other examinations get covered in the process. My best wishes are with you.