Engage Yourself

Today, I would like you to introduce to a beautiful person and you know what who it is - it’s actually YOU and you yourself. I like you to someday engage yourself, engage others, engage your friends, engage your relatives. You engage everybody around you, but we seldom engage ourselves. Talk to yourselves. It is waiting, it is waiting to talk to you. It has got more reservoir of information, more data about yourself than anybody else. We quite often talking to others and giving us giving our problem and asking for the solution from them. But then anybody including Dr. Khan if you talk to me, you hardly feed me with information. But then the information that you have got about your own self is there sitting inside you. Take some time off. Talk to yourself. Sit down and ask yourself that hey why, why I am doing it this way? Why this thing is moving in this particular manner? A lot of answers are waiting to actually COME OUT only when you reason out, only when you ask YOURSELF. I think I’d like you to request this simple thing - please sit down, talk to yourself. Whenever you get time at least once a week if you can’t do it like every day. I would, however, be happy if you do it every day - just five minutes. Think about your problem and just say how this problem came into being, from where it has actually come? Is it going to inflate and become bigger? And has there never been any occasion like that which I have never faced and then I never could come out? You will be really laughing at the problem that is actually bothering you. But quite often when we have a problem we start searching for solutions and keep taking advices from others. Trust me, you don’t need anybody. You need yourself. Sit down, look behind, and then be nice to yourself. Keep yourself motivated, keep yourself positively charged. In fact, I would always say talking to yourself is like recharging your mobile battery. It becomes fresh all of a sudden and then it starts working. It is having all the possible whatever software is there. Only thing is that we need to charge the battery and then don’t look for the external source. It is all inside us, it is all within us. The only thing is that quite often we don’t engage ourselves. Engage yourself, talk to yourself. It is a beautiful person sitting inside having all the answers to the problems that we may be facing at a given day. It will definitely answer. My best wishes are with you.