The Tabula Rasa

Hi, today I would like to share a common feeling with lots of students come to me and talk about it. They are quite often worried about their past that my beginning was very humble and I was not very good at my initial preparations - my schooling was bad, my college days were not good and I was not a serious student. And then how can I do civil services, how can I pass my big exams that I have got in front of me? I suppose it is very-very logical to assume that if you are the same person if you don’t want to change if you want to continue in the same direction, well that’s the way it is extrapolated that way. But then I would like to tell you that every day is like a clean slate a TABULA RASA. It starts afresh. You cannot actually change the PAST, you cannot change the BEGINNING, but you can choose the END. That’s what I always believe. Of course, I understand it’s not a very straight path you may want to go here, and then you think it will go the straight route. No definitely not. You will definitely be going like this.  The only thing is that I am moving. And I think if you have always been conscious of auditing the path from today onward I think it is still doable if you have got the specified DAYS and the time and then the thing is concerned. All of us are like the hard world almost the same except for one. There are some people who always find an excuse to fail and then somebody who uses the EXCUSE of FAILURE and then actually motivates itself to succeed. It’s your choice it’s your call. All of you have got equal amount of intellect, equal amount of time, how you actually use it is very important. Keep auditing your performance, keep moving towards your goal and then there’s no way that you cannot do it. I have got many examples of students with very bad performance and then ultimately they succeeded because they were never complaining about their humble beginning. They were always GLUED towards the target they are basically working on. In fact, I would like you to have an approach of life which is what we call it is HIGH APERTURE APPROACH that you have got. I mean if you INCREASE the opening of a lens that you have for the diaphragm is open. Then in that case, you would find that you can focus on a very small object, the depth is very very less. So you just open the aperture, focus very sharp, don’t think about what goes behind, what goes ahead, just on the object you have got on a thing you can DEFINITELY deliver. Please stop complaining about the past. It’s a new beginning. You can always start the day afresh and fuel it with your resolve and see you get closer to your goal. My best wishes are with you