Stay Away From HABITS

Hi, I would like to talk about an interesting thing today. All of you when you are preparing for this examination, at times you get into some particular area and you start getting deeper and deeper and deeper into that. Sometimes, I find those things looks interesting, but then quite often it becomes a habit and then sucks you like a whirlpool.  You get deeper and deeper. It is very important that you should not get used to something and then just stick to it all times. In fact, my advise to you will be always take stock of situation. When you are diving for a pearl or I dive but then don’t forget to breathe. Come out come above the water, see where you are because when you are inside diving into some area and then getting too deep into that , it’s quite possible that you are losing the track of your ownself. You are losing track of your requirements, losing track of the location. It is very important that you should not get sucked into one set of material one set of things and keeep doing that repeatedly. My advise to you would be stop that whatever has been going on for a long, long time. Take deep breathe, come out of it and take stock of the situation around it and then if you know that that’s correct, dive again. Go to the same area but it is always very important to take stock of the situation to what extent you have arrived, what extent you have gone, to what extent you have achieved and then after that you can plan your future course of action. Do not keep walking with the head down all the time and then walking in the same direction. It is important that you come out of that whirlpool, take a deep breath, take a stocck of the situation and move further. All the best!