Leave Past For The Past

Hey, today I am ongoing to share with you a particular set of students who often come to me with one set of things that is complaining about their past. Sometimes they complain about the past of their schooling, their geography, their family, their health whatever they always keep talking about the past and the past has not been good. Then I have had difficulty in my school was in a rural area, my family was not supporting the subject that I studied was not good. Well, if you keep talking bout past always, you stay PAST ORIENTED. In fact, by even talking about it, you in a way is confirming of their presence even now. And that NOW is actually negative. The bad thing that you have got. It also shows to me that you haven’t moved ahead. Hey if you want to move ahead I mean that’s what you should remember. Why are you thinking backward if you are moving ahead? To look forward. We have evolved also in a manner I can always look outside. Ahead, it is not looking behind. So why are you worried about that? Looking behind all the time. Also, we have EVOLVED. I mean if you talk about our biological evolution, we can basically only move a few steps backward and may end up falling. We can. If you need to run you have to only run forward. So, STOP looking backward. Start moving forward and then when you are moving forward, you basically are getting closer to your goal. But while you are talking about the past thing, your goal tends to slip away, go ahead, farther from you and that’s not the right thing to do. So top talking about the past. Stop blaming the past stop complaining about the past. And if you believe in yourself NEVER BLAME THE PAST. You can move ahead without them. Stop talking about the negatives of the past. Look at the future goal. A beautiful future awaits you and my best wishes are traveling with you. Thank you.