Motivation vs Inspiration

Today I would like to explain to you two beautiful words- MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION. These two words are very close to each other and if I etymologically look into these two words, I suppose motivation comes from Latin origin Moverere which means to move, to pull. But, if I look into Inspiration, the Latin etymological source can be Inspirere which means to breathe, to inhale. I think if you look etymologically it explains a great deal about the difference between the two. Both will take you to the next level, but motivation, which is an external stimulus which pulls you to a particular target, definitely it will help you achieve BIG THINGS. But, if it inspiration if it is inside, you have inhaled and internalized this part of a system, you can achieve great things. So, I suppose it is more of an internal thing - inspiration. Where motivation is an external thing. Motivation could possibly be seen lasting for a shorter duration. But if you get inspired when you have internalized the whole thing, you basically don’t need any further dose of motivation. You are on to your own. So, if you have a particular goal which has basically INSPIRED you I suppose you are much closer to your TARGET and you don’t look for external stimulus, you don’t look for external reasoning for the purpose of moving towards the goal that you have decided to. Stay inspired and my best wishes are with you.