Tame The Expectations

Hi, today I am going to talk about one important reason that I have found amongst lots of students as a factor for their failure is the word called EXPECTATION. Expectation has got a Latin origin. It comes from Expectation which translates into wait, defer action. That means it basically is a negative force which stops you from executing something. And you start expecting that something someday somebody would do it. All those people who have sat expecting their health to be the best, their family to be the best, the institutions they study to be best, weather even for that small things that quality of air quality of sound and everything is best and then they would deliver. Well they are basically interested in looking for a reason for their FAILURE. Reason for inaction, reason for not doing something. Expectation as I always say breeds misery. Even the expectation from the Almighty. We often are not in a position to get fulfilled. So why are you expecting from others to do things for your favor in your suitability? In fact, while you are young while you are ijn the prime of your age please become expectation of others. Don’t expect from others, meet the expectation of others. And you should have no expectation from others except for your own self. Expect from yourself and that’s what you have got control over. And I like you to basically realise and internalise this and stay from expectation from anybody else. Nobody can be ever in a position to deliver somethging which is what you want. Let’s stop the expectation and see how beautiful this life is and how beautiful your future is. My best wishes are with you.