Challenges Are The Opportunities

Hi, today I am sharing with you the common character of achiever. One common character that I find in them is that they have always thrived in CHALLENGES. In fact, I would say those people who have achieved something in life they have grabbed the opportunity very well. Opportunity if you ask me it has got two essential common features. First thing, it is never delivered. You have to go out and grab it yourself. I mean it’s not somebody who is going to give it to you and then you would enjoy the rest of your life. It’s not like that. The second is that it is never gift-wrapped. It never comes in the most beautiful wrapper. It comes in very ugly forms. It comes most often as a challenge. Opportunity, if it is a big opportunity, it is always wrapped in a form of a challenge and then the challenge is basically, the difficulties basically is the form in which it is offered to you. It is basically tested by the ALMIGHTY that are you the one who see beyond the wrap? Are you the one who see an opportunity that exists in the clutter of all these difficulties that it is what coming along with it? And if you are being tested you better pass that examination. I would like to identify, I have seen a lot of students who have achieved well in their life and then they have been achieving all through their life. It’s not that the list of difficulties have been less for them. It’s just because they were never interested in those difficulties and they achieved it. It is actually you create an opportunity, out the challenges and I tell you the challenges are the best locations to look for the opportunities. In fact, those people who scale the highest peaks- their list of troubles, their list of challenges is far bigger than those people who are there in the plain. You have to sail through all the challenges and use the challenges as at best WHALED OPPORTUNITIES. My best wishes!