Stress to EuStress; Part Of Journey

Hi, today I would like to talk about a group of students who come to me complaining about STRESS. In fact, this is not among the students as the youth of the country - in fact, the youth of the world is feeling a lot of stress these days. I am not an expert on stress management but then a few things which I have gathered through my experience I like to share may be of some use to you. Stress is something when you kind of find that it is cracking and then it’s breaking you and then you are not in a position to handle the task that you have got. Quite often I find that stress touches those people who have less of PASSION. In fact, I would say, it is inversely proportional to passion. Passion goes down, stress goes up. Passion goes up, stress goes down. So, this is how I think I relate the whole thing. So, sometimes when you get stressed, god forbid ever, you try remember that is my passion lacking? Am I not driven to the extent I should be? In fact, I always find that stress can broadly be taken into two broadheads. One is that what you call it as DISTRESS another is called as EUSTRESS. EU that word is for good that you use- Eustress. Distress is like when you a have negative threat of the threat is very strong and you are not in a position to handle it and then you are kind of overwhelmed by the pressure that you have. But eustress is a positive stress, that’s when you are challenging the threat that is coming to you and that is very good. If you are worried about your result if you are worried about completing your task that’s EUSTRESS, that’s a positive stress. I like you to welcome that whenever you have that. In fact, there area  few tools which I have gathered through my experience of talking to students who were under some such stage of life when you are going through such phase. One thing I would like to suggest is that always be REALISTIC. If you are realist if you are a person who believes in the situation that you have got, I suppose you would never get stressed. But sometimes what happens is you bite more than you can chew. So, I would like to advise when you get stressed- two things: either you expand the time for which the task has been taken by you or reduce the task. That’s what I mean by REALISM. Either you REDUCE the task or you EXPAND the time your stress level goes down. That’s one simple tool to be implied when you get stress at all. Second thing is that i would sugggest that don’t really get that much I would say the right word is AGGRESSIVE. When the stress comes, take it lightly. I mean I like you to be ASSERTIVE not aggressive. And if you are asssertive, you are there on the task but then you are not FIGHTING in the manner it can possibly break you. So, be assertive not aggressive when stress comes to you. Let it PASS. It will definitely pass after sometime. So, the first thing si that being realist and then how to change the task and time. Second is being assertive not aggressive others and the third tool that I would like to tell you is that it’s very simple. Very- very simple ttool taht you have got. You identify the STRESSER- what is that stresser? What is the point? Try looking back, I mean when you feel the PEAK of your stress and you say like this is too much. Start going back from when-, what time it started, what is that stresser? Which is that person? Which is this the event, which is that phone call? Which is the thought? What are the topics? If you try just reducing it back and identify the source of your stress, most often it gets cancelled because you can that time when you identify that, yoiu can see the BIG PICTURE and then the presence of that will be very very miniscule. And that can be attended, you can detach yourself from tthat stresser. Otherwise I mean think if a stress is a eustress you should never complaint. Haven’t you heard about the saying going…’diamond is a piece of charcoal.’ Only thing is that it manages the stress. And now it is a DIAMOND. You all are diamonds. My best wishes are with you.