Today I am going to talk about a problem which many students often feel during their preparation- the feeling of LONELINESS. You feel alone but there is nobody with me, no companion, there is nobody supporting me there’s nobody cheering me up and then I am the lone wolf there. Well, I think I read somewhere that people tend to flock at a place where they the maximum out of minimum effort. So, which will expect the crowd to be there at a place where you have got a lot of things is available to a lot of people and there is probably nothing very great because anybody could reach there. But then in this journey, you DECIDE to come out of your comfort zone. You try to scale something higher. You challenged yourself and you are likely to feel somewhere lonely also. Shall I say that one thing, if your dream is your companion, you are never ALONE? Quite often we forget about our dream and then we feel lonely. But if you really really are having your dream as your companion, I am sure you are never- never alone. I will tell you a few tools through which you could possibly IMPROVE your comfort in the sense. I am not asking you to become very very comfortable and then not expect that you would not have stress. You would have stress, probably you are stressed as I always call it. Do not put too much emotions in the goal, that’s something which I would like you to advise. I think put EMOTION in the process. If you like the process whatever you are doing, you are never feeling alone because you have the constant companion of the dream and the PROCESS ton achieve that. That is something which I would like you to keep in mind. Another thing is that always be ready to REWARD and PUNISH yourself because then you are engaging yourself, you are talking to yourself. I mean these are the tools through which you are engaging always yourself and then you are not alone. I mean you are the only person who is going to be with you right from your childhood or cognitive existence till the last breath that you have got. You are the one person who is going to be with you ALL THE TIME. So try engaging, try talking to yourself. Love yourself, that’s quite possible. Reward yourself and sometime when it doesn’t perform, punish yourself also. So you have got somebody to always talk to and that’s something I am talking about which will ensure that you are never alone. There is also some stages where you would like to REBOOT yourself. Reboot in the sense like lots of tools you can have for rebooting, change your location of where you study, change your subject that you are studying change the process the way you are studying, change the target that you have been studying. Give some entertainment, talk to your friends or whatever maybe you have some personal CATALYSTS which will reboot. You will not probably be ever attending to the problem of loneliness. But use these catalysts. I have seen lots of students they have had lots of their personal stress busters and they use them very EFFECTIVELY to just use it as a catalyst. So, whenever they feel alone, they go back to that, and then they energize and come back to it. This is not the total reaction, but this is the catalyst. So try identifying those catalysts and make good use of them. I would also like to tell you that if you put too much of your emotion in the goal, you have performance anxieties. Those performance anxieties would go the moment you put your emotion in the process. You put EMOTIONS in your PROCESS, you will start loving what you are doing, you will start loving yourself and I think one final word about it if you are MARRIED to your dream, you are never alone. You are never- never alone. The presence of your dream would ensure that you are not alone. My best wishes are with you.