Goal Setting

Hi, today I am going to talk about a very interesting topic that is GOAL. It is a very important word for us and especially for the youth of the country. I was researching about this word ‘goal’ and then came across the dictionary meaning of this ‘goal’, which means LIMIT, which also means BARRIER, that means that’s all that it is. There is nothing beyond that and that’s what your goal is all about. I dug deeper and tried looking at different types of goal and came across a lot of academic versions of goals like five types of goal or seven types of goal, performance goal, outcome goal, functional goal, process goal, what not. However, I think for you I have simplified it. I am just gonna talk about three types of goal and I expect you to be keeping in mind. One type of goal is what I call it as CROWNING GOAL. Crowning goal is like a dome like crown that you have on something and that it has got its inter doors and extra doors, the inner portion, outer portion and there you can decorate it with a lot of things. This is the goal that ABOVE everything and that is something that would be always interested to be known as during your life and even after that. Integrity, honesty, service- those kind of goals that we have got. But these are like part and parcel and so much hidden and interwoven into everything ath we have. We can’t really see it HAPPENING in every action. But it is the msot SUBTLE component of all actions that you do. Your honesty, integrity travels with you wherever you go.
The second type of goal and I think that’s more VISIBLE is what I call as ACME GOAL. Acme goal is like is I would say as a CAPSTONE I would say. Like something is at highest point of your accomplishments and there on which you can put that whatever DOME that you have got, the crown that you have got. This is one goal that you have got and this capstone, on which the crown is to be placed, this is what we have got, most of us are always striving towards. This goal can be your career goal that you have got. Some of you would like to fulfill your crowning goal by becoming a doctor, becoming an engineer, becoming an academician, becominga lawyer, becoming an IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS whatever that you have got. This is what we call them as acme goal or shall we say capstone goal. And that is something which is what I like you to be always sensitive about in your mind that ‘yes, this action of mine is actually taking me to that’ which may involve eating good food, which may also involve SLEEPING. Well, talking to your friend because you are using all this activities to ultimately FULFILL the objective for which you have been working. I suppose, this is a more VISIBLE part of it. But, the goal that I am actually interested in and then I would like you to be sensitive about and that is ADOBE GOAL. Pardon me the pronunciation. Well I am talking about A-D-O-B-E. Adobe goal that you have got. The clay through which you make the bricks. The small-small bricks that you put one over other is what is one which I call it as the most important part of the goal, PROCESS GOAL. Process goal, session goal, adobe goal and that is the goal which is what is under your CONTROL. Please whenever you sit down, for studies or any action that you have got, try and see that I have got this action is linked to this and this. So, if you have got your sessions, like your day is divided into so many sessions- studies, exercise, sleep, eating, socialising, everything. All of them at the end of it, have the sensitivity or connectivity to the capston and the crowning goal. If you have this sensitivity in every session of the day, I am sure one day you will be actually known for which you have always thought to be known for. Of course Acme goal is important, of course crowning goal is important but it is the Session goal that you have the control on. My best wishes for using your time in efficient manner.