Continuity | Your Reach Is Higher Than Your Hold

Hi, I am told by some students that they are not in a position to have continuity in their studies. I mean they study for a few days with lots of zest, a lot of energy. And after a few days, they have got low and again they kind of struggle to come back and then again they come back and then go for a few days then again goes down. I think, today, I would like to talk to you about how to ATTAIN and DEFEND your continuity, how to ensure there is a continuity. I suppose, let’s start by saying that when we are driving to a particular place, we don’t keep our throttles pressed at a particular level all the time. It goes up and down. We even change gear. We even change a little bit of orientation. This is natural, this is bound to happen.  You can’t expect that you will be going like that. There will be some ups and downs, but the important thing is that, if you have the factor in your mind the road to success is not a straight line, it goes like this. What to do when you are on the lower point? Are you waiting for somebody to throw rope and pull you out? Or you knew it is going to come back? Well, it will definitely come back. There would be something which may have caused it to go down or something which let it stay there for a long time. IDENTIFY the CAUSE and vaccinate that. It is possible. Vaccinating the cause which is causing the downslope or kind of continuation of a lower situation in your preparation. Well, if it is vaccinated, I suppose it can be done. Also, I would like you to somehow FEEL what you would have when you have finally accomplished your goal. If you have that feeling somehow brought into your system- how would you feel your first day in the office? How would you take decisions? What kind of people you would have to support? What kind of help that you can give to somebody? I am sure this discontinuity that may have come to stay for say a few days, this will start running away. Remind yourself in the whole range of existence of the accomplishments that you have got. This is a very EFFECTIVE tool and I have seen that it works on lots of students. Just close your eyes, think about the happiness you will bring to the people who would see your result and be happy with you. I suppose that is a great motivator to pull you out of it. Also, respect the job that you have in your hand. I mean sometimes we don’t like some things and don’t like the process of something. Since the syllabus is cast and you don’t have the choice about the syllabus. I would imagine, start liking it instead of kind of finding a reason for not effectively working, start liking that. And that would definitely help you challenge your limits. You always know your reach is higher than your hold where you are standing- this is a very comfortable position. But, where you can pull yourself is far more IMPORTANT and significant. Challenge your limits and that’s something which is very effective.
Another tool that I often talk about is TIME BOXING. If something which  is not getting done in a particular time, do not STAY with that same objective for longer than the time that you may have allocated. If the time finishes, just move on, goal accomplished or not accomplished doesn’t matter. For the people who get topped in the country, their score is about 52% 53%. So, 48% 47% of their shortfall is there as far as the fuller accomplishments are concerned. So, don’t chase the fuller accomplishment. It is often said that, ‘Better is the BIGGEST enemy of the good.’Keep doing some good, better will happen automatically. So, I suppose when you are actually finding there's a lack of continuity, this lack of continuity is because of something which has happened to you which is not to your satisfaction. Identify those factors, have them attended, and I am sure you can always bounce back to the higher level that you got. Be prepared you are not going to be there all the time. And then, also, at the same time, you would come back and then you again come up. So, if you are well prepared that I am going down and then I am going to come back by the evening, maybe tomorrow, by Sunday, the early you are there, you have never LOST your own CONTROL. That is vital and that is what I basically want you to achieve. My best wishes are there with you.