Happy Independence Day, Celebrate Freedom, Celebrate Love, Jai Hind

Hi, today is a very special day. 15th of August- we celebrate as our independence day, we celebrate our freedom and we also remember our freedom fighters who gave their lives, their energy, their all possessions they had for this beautiful country.

A good number of them in the 100 years of struggle could never see freedom. We are enjoying the freedom today because of their sacrifices. A lot of times, I think that these people could not see the FREE INDIA. They died +much before India got freedom. But, I always feel somehow, that these people actually saw freedom. Nobody can devote its entire energy and life to something which it cannot visualize. So, they were the visionaries who saw freedom much before the freedom happened. In fact, our generation, who is actually the beneficiary of freedom, enjoying the freedom- every moment of it and feel all proud of being a free India and a citizen of India and then the freedom of India that we are talking about. I am assuming that you are my next generation. You are the one who would enjoy another flavor of India- developed India. I am sure you all know that India is knocking at the door of being a developed nation. And you have a beautiful role to play in this country becoming a DEVELOPED NATION. I suppose when you are at this stage when you can contribute to the developed nation, you have a lot of your own STRENGTHS. You have a lot of things that are holding you towards contributing to the nation. Your generation is a very important generation who is really going to USHER India into a category of a developed nation. I suppose while you are taking India to a developed nation, I like you to relieve yourself from three bondages. And these are the three obstacles invisible barriers which may possibly be holding you behind. One of those strings from which I expect you to be freed from is the freedom from DEPRIVATION, a sense of deprivation that probably has existed as a part of you in the past. Like I was deprived of a good education, I was deprived of ‘this’ facility or deprived of that. A lot of deprivations of various natures of the past is something I would like you to relieve yourself from. Unless you free yourself, you would not be able to contribute to this beautiful country because in the past, all those freedom fighters, they gave to the nation freedom, without expecting anything from the nation to have given them. They gave their best and that’s what I am expecting, that’s what I am inviting you too. You should give your best without talking about the kind of difficulties that you have had. So, free yourself from the missings of the past. The second thing that I would like you to have freedom from acceptance of the presence. It is a kind of fatalism that you have got. You accept a condition as it exists. If you accept the conditions as it exists, how the country would move to the next level? Accept the CHALLENGE! You are having the responsibility of taking us to the next level. So, free from the possible bondages of ACCEPTANCE of FATALISM is what I am basically inviting you to. Third freedom that I would like you to have is freedom from the failure’s fear. Fear of failure in the future is a big fear that each one of you have got. In fact, it is actually a prison. Lots of people say the real prison is the prison of fear of failure. I don’t want you to be fearful. Trust this nation is going to go ahead. You have to take risks. You have to come out of your comfort zone. Challenge the problems and there is no way that you cannot really- really become successful. So, these three freedoms I am basically expecting you to have. Freedom from the past, accepting the reasons why you could not achieve so far, freedom from the present that is what is given to you, what you have inherited. And the third future’s freedom of fear of failure. If you come out of it, you really enjoy freedom. You know an interesting thing, I’d like to share, this word ‘FREEDOM’ comes from a german gothic origin from the word ‘Frei’. I may not be having the correct pronunciation of German FREI frei, which means to love. Isn’t it beautiful? The same word if you go for Sanskrit connection, it gets Priye or Priyest. And if you go to Hindi it becomes Priya and if you go further, Prem, Love, isn’t it a beautiful word that we have got Freedom is all about. And freedom of the nation is the love of the nation. And this freedom, that we are celebrating today, it has to be celebrated not only as a political boundary that is called India, but, in the whole range of existence that India has entered in our bones and tissues. India- it’s past, it’s inheritance, it’s culture, it’s diversity, it’s whole range of existence of India, that we have, we have to love that. If you are actually celebrating the freedom of India, you are celebrating the love of India. And that’s priyaas of India. This love for the nation has to come out with your devotion to contribute to this country, to its beautiful people, beautiful inheritance, and make India the SUPERPOWER as it used to enjoy, ‘Vishvguru’ status sometime in the past. WE have all the potentials. Of course, we have had a slightly difficult past, but our future is very safe with the kind of youth that we have in our country. And if you want to celebrate love for this nation, serve the nation. Serving the nation as a civil servant is a great opportunity that you can ask for. In the whole range of services that you have got, from administrative to police to foreign to forest to revenue to what not we have got. A whole range of services that you have got, you can show your love an devotion for this nation. It is this country from where we have come and it is this nation, this country we will ultimately go into. It is at this moment while we are sharing the country to collect, we must contribute to make it more beautiful. In fact, I must tell you that while we are celebrating freedom, we are actually celebrating love. Celebrate freedom, celebrate love. Celebrate India’s freedom, celebrate India’s LOVE. Jai Hind!