Happy Teacher's Day, 10 Lessons Learnt

And I feel so privileged to have the company of the best teachers of the country. Best coming from all diverse backgrounds, they decide to write the examination for which we give training. And I think, in this course as a seeker, I get to learn a lot from you. I strongly believe that teaching is more to do with seeking. I seek often from all of you, the best minds of the country, and then I have learned so many things. Today morning, I was sitting down and then, I was wondering about what all I have been learning, and then the list goes ENDLESS. I have got 10 of them listed here like to share with you. Let me share with you all the learning that I have to pay my gratitude for, thank you for teaching me these lessons.
First lesson, which I am always grateful to my STUDENTS who taught me is that no odd is big enough. You have the capacity to SEE THROUGH the problem. I mean that’s something which is what I really have enjoyed and this is what I have learned when I see the success of a lot of students with so much of odds. They never showed interest in any one of those odds and they could see through those problems. This is one big lesson that I have learned from you.
The second lesson that I’d like to identify here is- that your capacity to smile. Smile at problems. And I think, that’s beautiful, that you have got difficulties. And when you, on the difficulties, that you smile- small failures here and there, you smile at that. I think that’s very very important.    

The third lesson which I learned from you is that there’s just not one route to get to the destination of success. There are so many routes. In fact, you made me humble to not insist on my route. When you travel the opposite route and still reach the destination we were both collectively looking at. So, the plurality of the routes is something that I have learned from you. There are so many ways of doing the same thing. Getting to the same objective, getting to the same results.  

The fourth lesson that I have learned from you is that- the TRUST. I see a deep ocean of trust and that’s something which is what really really inspires me. Trust in me I have trust in you. So that is what sets us apart. As humanity our trust amongst each other. That’s something which is what I have learned from you. And I think I like to implement wherever possible.  
Another thing, the fifth thing which I imagine that I have learned from you is you all have got big faith and big trust in your device. You are only looking for the user’s manual. You can take it from me or anybody else. But, you have got BELIEVE in what you have got as an intellect. That trust in your own ability is something which is what I have learned from you. The sixth lesson which I can identify that I have got from you is that you continue to show the energy and continue to SMILE even when I know deep down that it hurts. Life is not all what you can imagine as a fairytale or something. It hurts- but you continue to smile, while it’s still hurting you. I think that’s one beautiful lesson that I have got from you. The seventh, which is very special, is your sense of gratitude. Quite often when you thank me for a lot of time I realise that, hey, did I contribute to your success? In fact, I have been so fortunate to get so much of gratitude and credit for such a little contribution to your entire success. This is what I learned from you- is a deep sense of gratitude. Eight, that is the ability to take risks. You are in the prime of your life , you take so much of chances. So many of you have taken so many risks. You are one of the biggest entrepreneurs I see in your young age, when you take so much at a stake and then give your life's best phase to something which is not very clear and certain, take exams and competitions while being unsure. I think this enterprise that I see in you is something which I learned from you. And then the ninth thing which I have learned from you is, your sense of ownership in the whole range. Your past, your troubles, your failures, everything the whole range of your existence that you own that ownership is something especially from the successful candidates which I have seen this. It's an amazing thing that I have learned from you- ownership of yourself. And the tenth lesson which is, to me is the closest to my heart and that’s the most powerful lesson that I have got- that the lesson is incomplete, the syllabus is not complete. In fact, life is too short to complete all the lessons. So, this list of 10 is an incomplete list. This learning goes on and that’s what beautiful life we all have. Keep learning, keep moving and that’s what we have got. Thank you my teachers… thank you my students. God bless, my best wishes are always with you