Preparation Strategy for Governance Part of GS Paper - 2 UPSC Mains

GS paper II comprises of 

  • Indian Constitution, 
  • Governance and social justice
  • International Relations. 

As per the UPSC syllabus for the GS paper 2, two topics starting from government policies to the role of civil services in a democracy, are considered as the portion under governance.

  • The important topics in governance are 
  • The development process and industry
  • important aspects of governance 
  • The role of the civil services 
  • welfare schemes for vulnerable sections, etc. 

There are some sub-topics that you should be thoroughly familiar with in the syllabus. 

  • The role of NGOs 
  • SHGs
  •  citizen charters 
  • pressure groups
  • e-governance, etc. 


UPSC most of the time repeats questions, so it would be in your favor if you analyze the last few years' question paper trends. For example, questions based on SHGs recurred in 2014, 2015, and 2017. The same goes for the other topics as well.

Some tips that you can use in your preparation.

  • It is advised to read The Hindu or The Indian Express every day due to the dynamic nature of the UPSC Mains syllabus and the Governance section. As you read, pay attention to any editorials or news articles that pertain to the Governance section, and add any pertinent details and information to your notes.
  • For governance preparation, important publications like the ARC report, the Economic Survey, and a few topics from the India Yearbook are excellent sources. Concentrate on the Second ARC's recommendations for issues like good governance, e-governance, accountability, and transparency, among others.
  • In a similar way, you ought to concentrate on the documents and studies made public by significant government agencies, such as the NITI Aayog vision documents. 
  • Recognize and evaluate all pertinent government welfare programs for the most disadvantaged members of society (women, children, seniors, transgender people, etc.).
  • Emphasize the constitutional provisions, governmental policies, and plans while preparing for the weaker sections. In order to back up your claims with appropriate examples, thoroughly research the NHRC, SHRC, NWC, etc.
  • To make revision easier, create concise notes for subjects like the Citizen Charter, the role of civil services in a democracy, transparency, accountability, and e-governance, among others.
  • To understand the kinds of questions asked in the Governance section, consult the question papers from previous years. You can adjust your preparation in accordance with it.

I hope it clears your doubts! The best wishes of KSG are with you!

Good Luck and have a nice day!