How is KSG for civil preparation?

If I say directly that KSG is a good institute, then it is not a wise thing as I might have a different perspective and different needs than others. As everyone tells you, civil service is not a sprint but a marathon, which is totally right. In school, only some students might have paid full attention to their studies, but there are many others who start their strong preparation after graduation. If we see on one hand, then it is also true that we have limited potential, time, and energy, so here what we need to do is to channel our whole energy in the right direction so that we can bring fruitful results in the end.

KSG offers various courses, and each course is designed keeping in mind the different needs of the students. For example, KOL is meant for those students who wish to learn but lack time. If any student has a weak foundation, then he/she can enroll in a GS course. The aim of KSG is to bring success to every student, irrespective of their background and level of education. Since UPSC is a separate exam, each student is free to appear in the exam.  

Let’s check the various courses of KSG. 

  • GS Course (Classroom Foundation Course)
  • KOL (Online FC/AFC Course)
  • Weekend Course (Online/Offline Foundation Course)
  • AFC Course (2 Year Advance Foundation Course)
  • Weekend Course (Online/Classroom Foundation Course)
  • Optional (Geography/PSIR/Sociology)
  • Test Series (Prelims/Mains/Integrated)
  • Destinaire (Prelims/Mains/)
  • DLP (Distance Learning Program)
  • AWSDP (Answer Writing Program)
  • CARe (Current Affairs Program)
  • NEEV (NCERT Program)



KSG helps a lot of students in their preparation. Their faculties are very experienced and very amiable too. If you are in search of a standard test series, then you can rely on KSG too, because I also did the same. Their various other courses, such as CARe, Destinaire, Answer Writing Program, and NEEV, pay full attention to providing quality services and content. The difficult questions prepare you mentally for the prelims as the questions are very exhaustive. In addition to that, you can get current affairs classes too in the same package, which is a bonus.


Although I have shared all the important information with you, it is up to you now as to how you would like to use the above information because, at last, it is you and your needs. However, I am sharing some important domains that you should check, such as the material, mentor support system, faculty, and evaluators. So let’s have a look at how KSG works in these domains. 


  • Study Material: With their foundation courses, they give you current information that is based on the most recent exam trends.
  • Course Information: On the first day of your course, you will be given a vertical plan that details the test and class schedule.
  • Mentoring system: A new initiative of KSG, mentors helps you with any kind of your queries. 
  • Faculty Members: Well-qualified faculty for all the subjects.
  • Checkers or Evaluators: The KSG institute has competent evaluators who will give you honest feedback about your ability to write an answer, assisting you in further development.

I hope it will help you!

Thank you and have a nice day!