What are the Anecdotes of your UPSC Journey:

Praveen Singh Charan this side. I have achieved this success after the Fifth attempt and secured the all India rank 141 this time.  I used to be an average student. Before clearing the UPSC, I cleared the PMT exam with flying colors. I never gave up in life and always tried to maintain a peaceful mind. I belong to a visual impairment category. I started my preparational journey by being a working professional for 4 years.

What are your suggestions for all those candidates who are preparing for the exam:

What I feel is that our selection gets decided on the day we fail. My suggestion for the students is that in order to achieve success, extreme dedication and patience are required. So, you should never give up in life. After all, the biggest necessity for the UPSC CSE is to have a peaceful mind. I would like to say that in life, don’t try to change your strategy, it will lead you to self-doubt. Try to create your own strategy and stick to it. Always refine your strategy, minimize your content, and do multiple revisions. Create a goal and start working towards it. Don’t dare to compromise on some of your inner qualities. To get success in life, hard work and smartwork are the major keys to success. Indeed, there is no alternative to hard work. 

Students should be aware that only internal motivation can be retained for a long time. Those who are going to appear for the exam should focus less on the content and majorly on the presentation part. 

And lastly, customized strategy and SWOT analysis of the candidate should be done by themselves. The reason is that the UPSC doesn’t ask for unique skills or highly aptitude knowledge.

The role of KSG in my preparation journey:

In my achievement, KSG played a very crucial role. Whenever I prepared for the UPSC CSE, I always had my first mock interview session with KSG. Khan sir motivated me throughout the preparation journey. He is always available for each of his students, to guide them, and to solve their queries. 

The audio notes that are provided by them are always helpful, soothing, and thus, motivating. I am very happy to say that Khan sir was my mentor during my preparational journey.