आपकी Family आपके आत्मविश्वास का प्रथम स्रोत है

Hello, this is me, Shreekumar Ravindra Kumar, from Kerala. I secured All India Rank 192. My parents are also from Kerala, and my mom is a govt. School teacher and dad is a gulf return. Now he is retired and enjoying his retired life. My brother is a Chartered Accountant and is currently working in Bangalore. 

This was my 3rd attempt at UPSC CSE, and for me, my family played an essential role by standing beside me. A sincere person always knows the value of family. The family's role is very instrumental to one's success in the UPSC.

I had worked for two years after college, resigned from a pretty much well-paying job, and got support from the family that "go and chase your dreams".

And, cracking the exam on the first attempt is not very common or easy. And, in that situation, You need someone who will give you the words of confidence, stand with you, and hold you. My family confidently came and motivated me when I failed my 1st and 2nd attempts.

What strategy did you adopt through these attempts, and how did your strategy evolve? 

When I did not clear my first prelims, I realized there was something wrong with how I approached the prelims examination. I had not identified the optimum number of attempts to give the 100 questions; I overcame this by practicing more mock questions. Studying for 15-16 hours a day is unnecessary, but studying for 6-7 hours dedicatedly is also fruitful. 

One of the lessons I learned after my 2nd mains was that my answer writing has many flaws. I  did not have crisp content and didn't write the answers attractively. In addition to focussing on the neatness of the handwriting, make sure your keywords are highlighted for the examiner. These are the things I learned from my two failures.

I chose NCERTS for mainly two subjects, History and geography. History for basic from 6th standard level as my History was not good, for the initial study and Geography from standard 10-12th for brief study.

What role did KSG play in your preparation?

Sitting for the Mock Interview in KSG was my best decision; my entire preparation for CSE helped me reform many things. The simple key to successful preparation is to practice more and more answer writing. And the daily answer writing that I have adopted for myself has also been adopted in my mains preparations. You will understand how to approach different questions when you write more answers. I collected examples, facts, and figures, and everything I made a database of it. I shared it with my friends who were also preparing with me. We share our materials and things because everyone has strengths, weaker points, and different views on different aspects. 

 I came to Delhi for a Mock Interview, especially for One-on-one sessions with Khan Sir, which helped me. 

In front of the panel, they give me feedback on my eye movement and hand- gestures. I received valuable feedback from the panel of the KSG. One-on-one counsel with Khan sir the day before my Interview was a morale booster for me from inside; it was much needed because he encouraged me and told me about my strengths. 

Last but not least, He helped calm my nerves as I was nervous. That gave me the confidence to sit in front of the Interview panel, and now I have qualified. 

Thank you!