Importance of staying calm during the UPSC CSE.

So, this is my third attempt at UPSC. I started preparing in 2019 right after my MBBS, but in the first two attempts, I could not clear prelims. This is the first time I cleared prelims, mains, and interviews. 

Please share your strategy with us.

I think there are a few things that every candidate should focus upon - One is, using the right kind of resources. The other thing I think was the analysis of mock papers that I was solving because I did solve a lot of papers but never tried to analyze what was going wrong. And the third thing was on the day of the exam, a calm mind and the right attitude because I had taken a lot of pressure on myself that I worked so hard and I needed to do it this time due to which the anxiety and nervousness were very high. In fact, I marked the wrong bubble due to pressure in the exam, and due to marking that one wrong, I got further nervous and then I marked the other one wrong. So, I think this time, I worked on that area as well to staying calm during the exam 

What would be your advice to someone who is appearing for UPSC CSE?   

Again the same thing that was going wrong in my strategy, one is to not ignore any subjects. We very often tend to ignore portions like ancient medieval or geography. So, we cannot ignore a subject. There are some subjects which are more important but everything is important. So, one would be that. Second, limited resources but multiple revisions are very important. The third would be again analysis of the papers that you are doing. So, you cannot ignore that part and the fourth is definitely on the day of the exam or at least two to three days before the exam, have self-belief and confidence in whatever you have studied. So, I think these are the four main important points. 

What role did KSG play in your preparation?

I came to KSG for the interview guidance. At a point where I was feeling stagnated with regard to my interview preparation because my interview was in the latter half. So, I had taken a lot of mocks and I thought that I was not improving so I met Khan sir for the one-to-one session. So, that was extremely helpful. He told me to add a social dimension to my answers which were missing. So, I think that helped me to improve my interview score because my answers were very mechanical before that. And it did add the administrative angle to it so I am very grateful to KSG for that.