How can the hobby of writing lead someone to clear the UPSC?

My name is Lakshay Anand and I have secured AIR 101 in the UPSC CSE 2021 in the 2nd attempt of mine. I opted for History as an optional subject in the Mains exam. My hobby is writing poetries, letters, and reading about world literature. My first preference is the Indian Foreign Services (IFS). 

Hobbies related questions asked in the interview round:

In the interview round, certain questions were asked related to my hobbies such as a certain line of a famous poet was given and I was asked to recite the other half. My hobbies gave me an edge in the interviews and indeed, it helped me a lot to clear the examination.

I have been very active in extracurricular activities, and had great oratory skills from the start that helped me in my personality development. 

College is a place where you will learn a lot, explore not only yourself but others as well. 

My only suggestion is that, Whatever you like to do, just do that. Be it  poetry, debate or sports. I used to read or write something, or play chess the moment I got bored while studying.  

My message for the students who are struggling in following the schedule:

UPSC is not a game of knowledge, but it is a game of mentality and positivity. It is not about finding an intellectual. If it is so, then the qualification criteria would be the Phd graduates. Hence, with mentality and positivity, one should approach the UPSC examination. And, at the end of the day, it will not be the hard work that will sail you through, but the continuous hard work will sail you through. 

Role of KSG in my preparational journey:

I was associated with KSG and Khan sir for the mock interview. Khan sir and the other panel members gave me very interesting suggestions on the grooming and etiquette part. 

The panel told me how to phrase the answers during the actual interview. KSG plays a very important and decisive role in my UPSC journey and I am quite very grateful for that. 

My advice for the upcoming aspirants:

My only advice would be that, Be positive and whenever you feel like quitting, just think of the very first place of deciding, why you started the journey.