Can an average student clear UPSC civil services examination?

There is no doubt that the UPSC civil services examination is considered to be the mother of all examinations conducted in the nation every year related to which several misconceptions are there about the same.

One of the major myths is that the IAS Exam is intended for candidates who already have succeeded in both school and college. Are there any ordinary candidates who received results between 60 and 70 percent on average in their school or college times who cleared the IAS exam with flying colors? This sort of query often troubles many of the aspirants preparing out there.

The majority of applicants assume that in order to be leading candidates for the UPSC, they need to have succeeded brilliantly throughout their education. It's just a myth

Furthermore, the misconception that an ordinary student cannot clear the IAS examination should indeed be abandoned and UPSC students should always recognize that "Academic results do not define ability."

Here are some of the leading students who prepared for UPSC even after being average scorers and later on, achieved success in the CSE examination and that too, with flying colors. 

R.A. Israel Jebasingh (AIR 59 CSE 2004)

  1. In the 2004 civil services examination, Israel Jebasingh scored a remarkable AIR 59.
  2. His success in the IAS Exam was owing to his perseverance and continuous effort.
  3. He was neither a university gold winner nor someone who had a particularly impressive academic credential; in his own words, he was just an "average man."
  4. He claims that regardless of outstanding talent, one requires willpower and perseverance to face barriers on the way to victory.

Neha Nautiyal (AIR 185 CSE 2011)

  1. Being a working professional in the initial stages of UPSC preparations, Neha worked hard and achieved the all-India rank of 185 in the UPSC CSE 2011. 
  2. Neha was an average student who successfully achieved her post-graduate degree in zoology (M.SC).
  3. She still passed the IAS examination and accomplished her goals notwithstanding everything.
  4. Neha used to study for at least an hour each day even though she was a working professional.
  5. When she was chosen for the military on her second try in 2011, her perseverance and time management abilities benefited her.
  6. Neha believes that achieving success involves a lot more than having an excellent academic record; it also requires a lot of patience, self-assurance, and an optimistic attitude.

Annies Kanmani Joy (AIR 65 CSE 2011)

  1. Annies Kanmani Joy, a professional of Kerala, secured an astounding all-India rank of 65 in the distinguished IAS exam in the year 2011.
  2. Being born into a middle-class farming family, Annies was not even aware that as a graduate she was qualified to undertake the UPSC civil services examination until a few years ago.
  3. She was able to achieve success with flying colors in her second attempt. Previously, attempting the exam in 2010, she was able to secure the AIR 580. 
  4. Being highly disappointed with the ICAS job she had been offered, Jennies once again appeared for the exam in 2011. She managed to achieve this success and made her whole family and the rest of the village people proud.

Lakshay Anand (AIR 101 CSE 2021)

  1. Being born in a humble family, Lakshay’s continuous determination and hard work, led him to score an all-India rank of 101 in his second attempt, 
  2. By the time of the last few months of the year 2022, Lakshay Anand would have received his M.A. in History (with an emphasis on medieval India) from DU's Ramjas College after completing his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering at Delhi Technological University. 
  3. Lakshay hails from a very low-class family, in which his mother Anita (50) is a homemaker while his father Kishori Lal (55), is a daily wage laborer. 
  4. Anand attended RPVV, Surajmal Vihar, where he was raised and born in Shahdara, an area of East Delhi. 
  5. After his father lost his job to Covid-19, Anand started attending private lessons to help support his family.