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Success is where Preparation and Correct Strategy meets.

KSG is proud to announce its PT Diagnostic booklet – The KSG 10,000. This provides the required inputs to the aspirants wherein they can assess and improve for the upcoming PT exam 2020.

UPSC, over the years has dynamically changed the nature of questions. The dictum goes-anything under the sky can be asked. We at KSG have deciphered the domain of Questions in macro, meso and the micro forms. Macro Level of Questions would be such that would check candidates’ knowledge across the width of the ocean like syllabus. It is the broad trend that is changing over time. Micro level would test ‘Trench like depth’ of knowledge and one can easily swim over them. The majority belongs to Meso level, from which questions are expected almost each year.

One needs to master this and clear P.T. Here, the KSG aims at honing those skills that can be acquired by the candidate individually. This level is relatively easier to prepare and ensure success.

The KSG 10,000 booklet comprises of 100 sets of 100 Questions in two parts, Book 1 & Book 2. Each question paper set would be comprehensive in nature, consisting of the questions from almost all the broad topics (meso trend) mentioned under UPSC Syllabus. After solving a paper candidate is expected to check their answers using the key given after each test. One can diagnose their preparation through LMG (Low, Moderate, Good) score for assessing their preparation with regard to each sub-segment of the syllabus.

After each test one can identify the areas of weakness & strength. Now through each successive test candidates’ duty is to strengthen the fields diagnosed earlier. By the end of the tests the aspirants are expected to reach to a level that they feel confident and clear the Preliminary Examination.

The scheme of the KSG 10,000 is such that it guides the candidate through the entire process of preparation so that one stands diagnosed on individual basis.

Our Research team at Delhi will be pleased to guide further. You can contact us at +91-9667779058 or mail your query at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..