KSG, Khan Study Group, under the expertise of Dr Khan bringing you KSG Test Prep (KTP) with Country's Toppers including All India Rank 1, 2, 11, 20, 25, 222, 293, 364 and many more. Dr Khan, Tina Dabi, Athar Aamir, Anurag Chander Sharma, Vipin Garg, Chandra Mohan Garg, Lakshay Sharma, Anshul Kumar, Jitendra Dudi and others are bringing a unique test series.



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Watch Introduction To KTP - KSG Test Prep by Dr Khan


Watch what Country's Toppers Have To Say About KSG Test Prep (KTP)

Watch Tina Dabi - AIR 1

Watch Athar Aamir - AIR 2

Watch Anurag Chander Sharma- AIR 11

Watch Vipin Garg - AIR 20

Watch Chandra Mohan Garg - AIR 25

Watch Lakshay Sharma - AIR 222

Watch Anshul Kumar - AIR 293

Watch Jitendra Dudi - AIR 364

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