The innovative approach towards combining the preliminary and mains general studies section under one program, is to broaden the objective knowledge as well as subjective knowledge. We, Khan Study Group, provide Foundation Course, Pre-cum-Mains for the General Studies as it is considered the most essential part in UPSC preparation. We intended to focus the General Studies section, as it is classified into a wide section of Indian History, Polity, Geography, Economic and Science, and many more sub-sections. Our focus is to simultaneously guide you through prelims and mains throughout your journey.
Key features of our Foundation course
1.    We have structured the syllabus into a well defined plan, called Vertical Plan.
2.    We have scheduled the daily practice tests for prelims and modify your results into a performance chart.
3.    We have regular practice tests for mains as well which comprises of various answer writing tests.
4.    We have scheduled reference material for specific topics that includes current topics as well.
5.    We have designed POD technique to keep a check on your preparation on  a regular basis.

Foundation course commence twice in a year. First session begins in the month of June and second one in the month of October. A Candidate may opt for any one session. The admission is on First come First Serve basis.

Dr Khan

Dr. Khan began his career of teaching in 1988 as lecturer in a college of University of Delhi. He later taught at Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. He has several research papers and books to his credit.

Dr. Khan has been teaching General Studies since February 1992 to IAS aspirants and is very proud of the fact that almost every State and Union Territory in India has some civil servants who personally associate with him.


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